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"Bran has never felt at home in her small town. So she leaves…"

Created to address the lack of rounded, autonomous and relatable female characters within traditional storytelling, ‘Stories for the Silver Tree’ uses adapted and reimagined traditional tales alongside an original narrative for this modern storytelling performance. Written, created and performed by storyteller Tamar Eluned Williams and actor-musician Darius Nash, the journey reflects the good and bad decisions of a young woman searching for meaning in the world.

‘Stories for the Silver Tree’ combines spoken word, music, soundscape and song to create an original and contemporary storytelling show. Alternating between mythical landscapes and narratives of growth, the performance tells the story of Bran and her struggle towards belonging.  Using story, song and sawing, we follow Bran through intimidating towns and cities, down trudging long roads, through night dark forests, and beyond, as she encounters many people who seek to exploit and corrupt her.

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Darius is an actor, musician and artist working in the UK and around the world. Interested in multi-disciplinary styles, Darius likes to create contemporary performances that merge form and genre and involve the audience heavily.

He is particularly interested in themes of equality, alternative economics and social justice and bringing traditional forms of performance to modern audiences in new and exciting ways.

He lives in South Wales with his girlfriend and their new kitten.

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Tamar is a storyteller and theatre maker who works bilingually in Welsh and English. She has told stories in festivals, schools, libraries, theatres, forests, on beaches and (the strangest place to date) the top deck of the number 45 in Birmingham.

She was awarded the national Young Storyteller of the Year award in 2013 and the Gwobr Esyllt Harker Award by Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival in 2016.

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A little teaser


A short taster of Stories for the Silver Tree filmed during our early scratch performance at The Gate Arts Centre.

Check back for a band new trailer coming soon...

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